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Global Brigades recently announced the successful sustainable transition from El Jute! I had the chance to meet the people from El Jute, and I can tell you Global Brigades programs work. The community went from no public health projects, no water system, and no economic infrastructure to full public health projects in all the homes, a water system that provides CLEAN water to all the home and successful microbusinesses. The women of El Jute started a very thriving bakery, making more money each year, and employing men. Not only does this promote economic development, but also gender equality.

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Medical Brigade 2015

Some photos from the 2015 medical brigade in Honduras! Such an incredible experience for everyone involved.

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Public Health 2015

Some photos from the 2015 public health brigade in Honduras! Such an incredible experience for everyone involved.

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Microfinance Brigade 2015

GB Family


Our experiences bring us together, forming an incredible shared experience. It’s difficult to describe the relationships formed during brigades. There is a a lot of love and mutual respect. Ask any brigadier, and they will tell you, some of their best friends are from Global Brigades.

Brandeis Global Brigades

Mission and Vision:

Brandeis Global Brigades is a proud member of the larger Global Brigades organization (GB). GB is the LARGEST student-led organization, which serves rural communities in Honduras, Panama, and Nicaragua. Our mission is to encourage, empower, and strengthen communities out of poverty to maximize their true potential. In doing so, we also empower students, who have the opportunity to be a part of a movement, to be leaders, to change the world. Who says students don’t have power? We disagree. Students, when together, are a force of change for a better feature.

Interested in sustainable development? Global health? Economic and business innovation? International Travel? Do you want to make a difference? Meet passionate students? JOIN US!

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